How do I schedule your professional services?

First, you need to contact us so we can determine how we can assist with your needs. Once we understand what kind of service you are requesting we will schedule a time to meet with our professional personnel in person. This initial consultation serves to build a relationship in order to gain a better understanding of how we can assist your organization. If we believe we can meet your professional needs, we will then begin planning and setting deadlines, fees and such.

How do you know if you need an audit or other attest services?

This is a very important fiduciary responsibility. Most all non-profits receiving government money will have to undergo an audit unless they receive a waiver from the agency that provides the funding. This is how the government monitors the money they lend and provide via grants. Other types of organizations may have to undergo audits for many different reasons. Members of the audited organization, management, contributors, etc. can all be subject of having to undergo an audit. Many times we recommend an organization on a tight budget undergo an audit one year and then two reviews before performing another audit. This will be a major cost saver to the organization while still having an independent party oversee and accurately report their financials. During the initial meeting, this process and level of service will be explained by our professional staff..

How are engagement fees determined?

Our firm offers competitive fees for services provided. Pricing for the engagement is usually estimated upfront or given an hourly rate that is agreed on beforehand.

Do you only do work in Kentucky and surrounding areas?

We give every engagement consideration regardless of the location. Our firm is proud to provide services all across the United States and even internationally. If we deem that we can not perform those services at the highest level we will refer you to another firm with that expertise.